Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aligators Bite!

Well as we all know there were several small storms that wiped out Louisianna and parts of Texas. Some parts have now been flooded twice. This has been difficult on many people in the area. So our good old Government agency FEMA has called in health care workers and people of all occupations to help clean up and support the people of the area.
My sister the great WB has been a member of DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team), http://teams.fema.gov/dmat , and was called up to respond to this most recent disaster meaning RITA not Katrina. Currently she stationed in New Orleans working to support the local Hospital staff. She called me last night and told me that one of the biggest injuries is Alligator Bites now as for me personally I can not imagine how you treat a bite from one of these creatures. I mean what do you do.... ask the gator for the leg back, or do you just bring the patient gator and all into the E.R. together? I got a good laught out of some of the stories of crazy stuff we just don't see out here in sunny SoCal. Cheers to all the Volunteers and Healthcare workers who have taken time to be a part of rebuilding our nation.


Another ride up sunset and around the loop. The weather was perfect other than the wonderful head wind which would hit you on any exposed section of the climb. It gets dark so early these days that most riders are tring to go out early in an attempt to get more than a single lap in before dark. As Grant "seven pancake" Sample put it " Bring out the lights " as he tore up sunset with his high beam on. Uneventful, ride.

Planning a dive weekend out at Calalina this Sat. with a friend of mine Aldran. It looks like diving conditions are fair, and H2O temp going down.
Check the Dive Conditions at this site:Dive conditions

This past Friday night Aldran and I went diving in Laguna at Shaws Cove. The drive was not too bad, most likely due to the fact that we took the toll road. As we reached Laguna Sea Sports ( a nice dive shop in Laguna) which is owned by a friend of mine Gordon.
Well turns out Gordon and company are having the annual Chilli cook off so people were crawling all over the place with piping hot Chilli and stories to keep you laughing for hours. This party was a long one. We entered the water for our dive around 8:00 pm and returned to the shop after the dive and the revelers were watching the classic movie Sea Hunt. Good Times and great people.The Diving was amazing as well. We saw several Horn Sharks , and many Spanish Shawl (Flabellina iodinea) This made for an adventurous dive. Allong with many small other factors such as the fact that the bio-illuminesense was beyond explanation . I t could only be said that of the many dives at Shaws Cove this was a good one. Well that will do it I'm out.