Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time Trial Season

It is the time of the year when cyclists start hanging up the road bikes and pulling out the arrow bars to start the time trial series. It has become more popular to race TT's this year. Possibly due to the increased public awareness caused by Lance's winning the Tour again. #7 Well, what ever the reason this years TT series promises to have some great competition.
Lancaster offered several TT's this year. My good friend Evert and his brother Ernie talked me into entering several of these the two man, and Four man team TT's. We ride regularly together so I knew that I would need to train hard to be able to contribute as a 2nd man in the two man event, and as the 4th man in the four man team event. The Lohman brothers are always strong and this year has proved once again that they can turn the big ring.
(R-L) Ernie, Evert, Rich