Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pigmies in the Jungles of Life!

The thought comes to mind of a tribe of three foot people swinging around on vine branches. Well, there are those days when you wish you could just swing around in the trees and not have to study anything. Today is one of those days. Now it is entirely possible that you might not actually be having one of those days, but one of those weeks and just not be aware of it yet. A prime example is my Friend Claire who has been having one of those weeks. She bought a calendar several weeks ago and was happy with her purchase. However she had been noting some strange things happening to her. Her timing for things was just off a little. Like wishing her mother Happy B-day a day early. It was in fact that event that clued her in to the problem. She had bought a 2006 calendar. Hang in there Claire 2006 is coming.

Here is my friend Lauren. She is the brains of our group. If you have a problem with your neuro homework..... yeah enough said..she's on it.
Time to hit the books......I'm out