Thursday, October 06, 2005

Coffee and a Bagel

My sister who is currently in New Orleans working for DMAT called me today and relayed several facts about the clean up effort. The number one fact is that food is pretty darn expensive and at times hard to find. The fast food places don't even have the full menu available. It's either this or that. Option A or Option B.... ha ha ha ha yeah..ok so you want a Big Mac with Cheese and a large what? Oh. I am sorry sir but we do not currently have that item available, would you like to add something else instead? Oh, I am sure that would go over like a lead balloon. Try that in LA For a week or two see how they like it. Well, the skinny is no pun intended, that the price of a single cup of drip coffee and a bagel this morning in New Orleans was $7.50 Now mind you that is a simple cup of house coffee and a normal (made on this planet by humans) bagel for 7.50. Sound like robbery to you? Well its breakfast to alot of people. Better start saving your box tops and betty crocker points. Hope all is well with all of you. Especially the WB and DMAT crew in New Orleans. Rich