Thursday, November 10, 2005


Today I saw something that I believed never possible. Call me naive or even the hopeless romantic. Yet, never the less it was unbelievable. A person who you see as beautiful and kind from all angles and references, heart broken. It was truly sad. (Now I must quickly inject that "anyone" in such a case should be equally understood) In most cases however, I would usually be able to say, "That’s too bad, but I could see that one coming". I trust many of us have said these words, to friends or acquaintances, and therefore can relate to my use of this comment. It shocked me in this particular case, because I could see only kindness in this person.
It crossed my mind that many people often only think of self in a relationship. This is not a new concept, being that the world has been around a long time and has seen many self-centered individuals who care only about self. These self-centered people enter relationships looking for what they may personally gain from being in this relationship. For example: "If I date this person, people will view me as being cool" Or "I will look good if I have this type of girlfriend" You know what I am talking about here, "I want a girl who likes the outdoors, but is not too woodsman like", "She needs to be pretty, but she cant know she's pretty", Most of these demands are unrealistic, and if these are not enough, try adding, she needs to be "single". I think the girl in this reference lives next to Snowwhite in fantasy land, just around the corner from tomorrow land.
If you live on this planet and have a criteria list with any of the above comments I can tell you living on this planet is going to be lonely for you my friend! Yet, do not despair you may still find a person who makes you smile, or causes butterflies to fly around in your stomach. When you do find this person hold on with two hands.
The problem we face in this world lurks in my last sentence. Most people only take hold of a single hand. Not willing to let go of whatever they have in the other. Constantly weighing the value of each at every turn it the road. It then becomes a constant choice between to loves. In which case there is always one that is not chosen. This person will be forever split between the two. Life is hard enought with out adding any additional troubles.
I make no claim to know all, or even to understand all of lifes questions. I have only one small bit of knowledge learned through a short time spent wandering this planet. It seems that those who find a person that makes them happy in this world are those who take hold of both hands. It is wise to choose happiness over some trivial fade, or phase you may be going through. Tomorrow the fade may be gone, or the phase may no longer hold you captive. The person who you hold close will change with you, and over time you will see. Life is much better holding Two Hands then only one. Good luck my friends and remember. Life is only what you make of it. Live it to the fullest. Rich

Ps. To my friend: You are truly a wonderful person and have much to offer to those around you. Do not be sad that one person on this large planet was too myopic to see the magnitude of the beauty you possess. rb