Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pigmies on the battlefields of life!

It seems funny that throughout life we are constantly pivoting from one focus to another. If we are not shifting our focus we soon become bored in the stagnate life that has been created. This is why we must be aware of the pitfalls which a mundane life may bring and avoid them at all costs. It was this exact thought that caused me to get out of the trenches and move on to the battle field of life.

In my feable attempt to thwart boredom, I left the little town of loma linda and headed for the clear skies and clean air available in arrowhead. I can tell you that there are few feelings better then coming out on top of the world and looking back down on only clouds. It is a great way to kick boredom to the curb.

I have included a photo of the afore mentioned pigmies. I would say not out on the field of battle quite yet, but ready at a moments notice. Left to Right. Andrew, Wendy, Natalie, Rich, Randy.
What a crew. We traveled up the hill in search of adventure and to grub on some Belgian Waffles. The local area sports one of the best places in which to enjoy said waffles it is called, "Waffle Works" and is located in the lake Arrowhead city center. Arriving at the city center ( in a new world record time) we piled out of the "BLACK PEARL"(Actually a car), and headed off in our search for waffles. Wendy being nearly as quick as her car. Headed in first to get our names on the list. No good waffle house would be without a list of people waiting outside. I mean there is a 40 min. wait at IHOP so lets be real for a minute. She returned a few minutes later with a very confused look on her face. "The are experiencing techincal difficulties in the kitchen and are closing early!" Say, what? I want some waffles. Well, after a few heated moments and a lot of counting to ten. We headed off to the coffee shop, mainly because everything else was like 16 dollars for a buffet breakfast without waffles. The coffe shop lady said that the plumbing was backing up and that the kitchen down stairs in the waffle works was flooding. (Katrina or Rita what do you think?) Well, we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with great friends and headed off to do some shopping in the local city center mall. I was lucky enough to find the biggest 14 dollar waste of money yet produced are you ready..... A flying superman minifigure. Yeah it was kinda a spur of the moment "CAFFEINE" induced purchase. Well, the thing rocks, It buzzes around your living room or where ever you put the guy with speed and grace. Superman Rocks! That little purchase and a few more hair raising corners courtesy of the "Pearl" returned us to the land of the smog. We venture forth once more "pigmies on the battlefields of life."