Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pro Mountain Bikers Rock

Pro Mountain biking is a sport that is often times overlooked by the public. It gets thrown in a category with all the other quote "Extreme" sports. People scratch it off the list of things to check out. I would like to show several reasons/people that represent the true heart of a great sport. Here is my friend Jeff Evans a hard working Pro rider for the KHS Team. I mean look at this guy. He is the epitome of cool. Just by looking at the pic your already thinking, "I wanna hang out with this dude". Not to mention, the fact that he competes in downhill, slalom and the mother of all evil 4 man MX. He has shown good form all season long riding hard and placing well. A man to keep your eye on. If you wanna see this guy in action your in luck. He was featured in a four page spread of Decline Magazine, and is all over the new 2006 Azonic catalog. I looked at some of the pics and they were sick. The Decline mag article was great! I have to say Evans has really raised the bar, on and off the bike, especially with rallying his civic WRC style in the pea gravel at the campsite. Rally's rock! Mt. bikers have a style all your own. No Chedder cheese here my friends!
(Jeff checking on the competition)

My other friend Dave K. is also a madman on the bicycle. He turns out some of the fastes times on the NORBA Downhill series every year. He is always a contender in every race he enters. I have been riding with Jeff and Dave several times when all I saw after the up-hill section was a cloud of dust. They haul A@%! Dave "K" recently won the Canada cup race in Whistler, BC. This guy has been riding hard this year. Congrats Dave looking good bro.

These guys work hard. Traveling around the country racing different venues. It's their love and commitment to the sport that keeps them riding hard. It is always a blast to go out for a ride with these guys. If your fit and willing to take a few diggers you can pin it with the fellas. I would warn you from experience. Just because they didn't brake into the corner does not mean you shouldn't! These guys have "handling skills" that will overcome the laws of physics alot of the time. I would recommend before riding some of the more gwarly trails with these guys, giving your health insurance a call just to see what the ER coverages are. It may give you a little more respect for the trail. The long and short of it is summed up in the fact that these guys are out there pushing the limits. No matter what the conditions or terrain. If you get a chance, get off your A@# and check out one of the local races. I promise you will not be disappointed by what you see.