Sunday, October 09, 2005

To Glove or not to Glove

My friend Bio-chica was talking to me last night and I noticed a set of Garden gloves in her back seat. I thought wow a very over zealous patron of the biological realm. It came as quite a surprise to me to hear her say that she did not do any gardening at all, but that she used them to pump her gas. "Nice", I thought. You keep your hands from smelling like gas from the pump. What a great idea! A big swing and another miss!!! She tells me that no she is not concerned with the gas smell on her hands, but rather she is worried about all the dirty hands that have been touching the pump before she got to it. Riiiight... So .... let me get this straight.. you wear gloves to pump gas to avoid getting one of those ichy rashes that are skulking about the gas pumps waiting for an opportunistic chance to climb on to a finger or thumb and cause disease or some other possibility. Well Bio-chica, I have to agree there were some pretty scary looking people at the pump today.... and more scary than that is the part where they all said, "HEY Rich, how's it goin?" yep the RB has some skeletons in the ol' d closet. ha ha ha nah.. You never know.. What you pay for at the pump may get you more than gasoline. So I leave it in your hands to Glove or Not Glove.