Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nerd Status

Nerd status is a funny thing. I mean in high school everyone was pretty much doing anything, and I mean anything to not be labled a nerd. However as time passes, and we progress through this crazy thing we call life. We note more and more nerd-like behaviors becoming "main stream". You may even think to yourself "Lucky" I mean just look around you, at your friends. How many own a computer? How many have a graphing calculator? Do you know what 273K would be in Celcius? Do you find yourself checking your palm pilot before you make any weekend plans? Do you watch C-span vs. the five'O clock news? Well, that would raise your nerd level to somewhere near "King of the Nerds" status. I hope that this little update has hightened your awareness to your change to becoming a Nerd. If this has stirred a little curiosity in you as to how much of a nerd you are then I have the answer for you. Check out this link. Enjoy. Go to Nerdland!
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