Monday, October 10, 2005

Watch out for Omnitrans!

Many people are able to multi-task it turns out I am not one of them. How do I know this piece of information, you might ask. It was today that I confirmed a theory I had been considering for quite some time. I am completely a one task type of guy. It was not long in coming, but oh did it drop the hammer. Omni trans of Loma Linda came down on me like hail from the clear blue sky. I mean wow..... So there I was, walking up Anderson St. with Doug (King of the Lawn) Hill, who I was politely asking Ortho qustions for the quiz we were about to take. I believe, I was asking if he could tell me the difference between primary and secondary impingment of the glenohumeral jt. when...a *$&%ing Omnitrans sign connected with my frontal bone and down I went. It was total chaos for a moment until the ringing from my ears died down. As I looked about me I could still see my notes slowly and peacefully gliding throught the air on their own way to the ground. I positioned my self like a NFL lineman in a huddle by taking a knee on the sidewalk. I quickly assessed the situation. Instantly I surmised I had lost some skin from the blow to the head and it was quickly starting to say "I'm gonna leave a mark!". So I gathered my notes and holding my head to stop the bleeding. Thanked Doug for his concern over my head and than asked about why he never said something like, "Hey rich, look out for the Omnitrans sign in the middle of the sidewalk." Well, the moral of the story is that you should always keep your eyes on the Omnitrans signs, and check with a friend before multi-tasking. They may tell you your a single task person like me.