Sunday, October 09, 2005

Casino Pt. , Catalina

For the average person it may be just a small hunk of land off the coast of the biggest fashion and movie production city the globe has seen for centuries. Yet, others may see it as a refuge from the constant smog and busy schedule which keep us running helter skelter. Personally I have to take the second option. I also have to say that I enjoy Catalina Islands other wonders those not found above sea level. I am a scuba diver and Catalina is one of the best locations in Southern California. It offers clear water and a large variety of fish, many can be found close to shore for those who would rather snorkle or kayak. It was this magnetic pull of clear water and cool fish that got me out of bed at 4:30 Sat. morning to head to San Pedro to catch the one hour ferry ride across the channel to the Catalina. I sacked out for a little rest on the bench out side the port of San Pedro. Aldran did some sweet driving and helped us arrive a few minutes early for our ferry. This also gave us time to sip a cup of coffee and eat a muffin before falling asleep on the boat. When I woke up it was cool, and the weather looked like it might rain. The taxi driver assured us that it would not rain and that the clouds would burn off by 10:00 am. (I should have put some money on that one) The day was great, except for a slight breeze. Which would chill you down real quick after being at 100 ft. for 45 min. The dives were excellent. Aldran and his girlfriend Shiva were my dive buddies for the day. It was barrels of fun swimming in and around ship wrecks, chasing lobster, and looking for octopus. It was nice, really nice .. We finished the day off with a night dive and several cups of hot coco to warm up the old body before the ferry ride home. All in all a great day. More Photos to come on this one.. oh yeah.. more photos.