Monday, October 17, 2005

Book Review: Portuguese Irregular Verbs

Well It has come to my attention that I have not been enlightening my fellow bloggers with any of the great literary pieces which have passed across my desk of late. So, in a feable attempt at fixing this short coming, I would like to present a book by Alexander McCall Smith. He is an amazing British author with a unique way of mixing amusement with drama to make a book come alive. His work in question is none other then the Classic Portuguese Irregular Verbs. I should add that the name of this book does very little to interest the reader, unless they are of course a linguist. In which case, this may stir some deep longing to study the irregular verbs in yet another language. I for one have difficulty understanding this urge, coupled with the lack of comprehending what the hell an irregular verb is, in the first place. Yet the struggle moves on. It was however a good read. The plot was great. I find that by telling you much about the book. I would ruin the reading potential this book has to offer. So..... when you have a chance you should get down to the local library and pick up a copy. You can also find this absolute classic on Audio Tape at the Loma Linda Public Library. Check it out I am sure you will enjoy this one.

Alexander McCall Smith has many other books, which I am currently reading in my free time. I have so much free time recently .. yeah .. well I can dream. Can't I? I would also recommend the book The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs. A real classic. I could not put this one down. It was a truely well thought out book. Filled with many more examples of marvalous British humor.