Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This week we are studing the lovely EKG or ECG your choice they mean the same thing. I can tell you that I never thought in PT we would be learning all this stuff. However the opportunity is welcome. It is interesting to see how the muscles in your heart are in perfect rythmn and maintain it through coffee both real and fake. I had wanted to understand the ECG, but now I realize that there is more information about how to read a 12 point print out, than there would be to get a manual of how to build a working battleship.
In my attempt to better understand this new world of heart stuff. I decided to shoot a little blog about what the little bugger looks like. So take a look at the picture. It should be somewhere on the right. Then tell yourself that this is what you want to see on your own EKG/ECG if you ever get one. Then look to the pic on the left side of this page. That one is a not so good one option to have. In my review of many articles and studies looking for the understanding of all the up's and down's. I was forced to call several people to help me gain some real knowledge. I would like to therefore thank the little people(MD's) in the ER @ St. B's your guys rock. Thanks for the help. In addition to there help I contacted Bio-Chica. She was a plethera of knowledge. I did find it funny that we had both read similar books on the EKG. Coincidence???? Who knows. Well, my friends I must say that is about all I want to say about that.