Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"I Don't Want Real Coffee!"

I was standing in line at the GFE to get some coffee to take to class, when the lady infront of me raised her voice and says "Decafe"!!! "I ordered Decafe!" I don't want real coffe like I got last week! This lady was getting a bit agro for 7:45 am. I was like chill out baby. The Caffine may take the edge off whatever your dealing with. Can you imagine... I mean this lady was in a coffee shop ordering a coffee, yet she does not want REAL coffee? Ok.. That was random. I went throught my first cup of REAL coffee. Trying to understand why anyone in their right mind would pay the price of like $1.75 or something to drink a hot cup of bad tasting water strained through some highly altered coffee beans. Out of control! Nice Lady. You win a wacky moment award for paying for something you want, but you want it not real. I am a big fan of real! Not just coffee but everything. It is have a good friend who is not real. A stuffed animal is nice.... But I like my dog. You get the idea. So Tomorrow when you get out of bed.. Well assuming you can. Try and have a real day with really fun times. I know I will. Rich