Monday, October 31, 2005


I forgot that today was the big sugar fest of October. It was not till I got to the front of the line and started ordering my morning coffee fix that it crossed my mind. "Hey, she doesn't usually wear a Naughty Nurse outfit, and that other girl.... Was she always dressed like a french maid?" I pretended not to notice that difference in dress, and ordered my standard non-fru-fru drink, the old faithful of coffee houses everywhere "House coffee". I guess you might also refer to it as the cheapest coffee on the menu. (It also comes with a refill!) Where was I ... oh yeah.. Halloween. Now where in the world other than the US would be able to find a holiday created or crafted toward a demographic of young children living in a sugar/french Fry/Soda saturated culture. Then on top of that, shape this holiday to require elaborate and expensive costumes for the children to wear and hit the streets in search of free handouts of candy. I mean doesn't anyone see a problem here? When was the last time a child could be seen turning down "FREE" candy? yeah.. uhhhh.. like never. Ok so with that small point established I would have say that we should try to change a bit. But until then I will have to go along with the old "when in Rome, ya.. da.. ya.. da.. ya.. da.... Happy Candy Gathering Kids.
Keep an eye out... You may see some strange looking people out there.. I mean check this guy out.