Sunday, October 30, 2005

Did the time Change?

It was the night before the time change all through the house not a clock was set not even a little. I was studing till they through me out of the coffee shop. Then several hours before the time change I took a look at the clocks lurking around the house and made a mental note to remember the time would not be correct in the morning if I don't spin them back an hour. Well, I got busy studing and soon after faded off to bed. The last thought I had was something like, "my cell phone will auto update the time". So the alarm goes off. I stretch over and turn it off. "Man it feels good to get another hour of sleep. Well, I gear up and jump on my bike for the Sunday morning suffer fest. I arrive at the coffee shop about fifteen minutes later. I see my buddy Andy hanging out side talking to the TREK rep Greg. I noted that Andy's coffee cup is like a quarter down already. I look around wondering if I will have time to sit and enjoy a slow cup myself. A minute later I am sitting in the warm sun cause my A@$ is numb from riding over to the shop. I look around and not two more guys show up and I was like yeah, here we go. The ride usually leaves at 8~8:15 so I was thinking some of the guys forgot to set their clocks back and overslept... hmm..... So, I call my budy Eddy. Rich:"Are you riding? Or are you hidding? What's the deal man?" Eddy: "Rich, its 7:15 man..." Rich: "NO WAY?" "ah Idiot" "AHHHH" I then realized I had been swindled out of about an hour of good solid sleep. Yet, strangely enough I felt good for getting out of bed at like 6:00 on a Sunday. The point is don't trust your cell phone. rich