Thursday, November 03, 2005

Attitude and Amplitude

Have you ever listened to music and wondered as to what the ultimate goal of the sounds they were making really was? It would seem a bit assumptive to believe you can interpret the entire meaning of a song or know what the intended experience was by just listening. A good example is to look at performers today as they dance around in concert. What is the message? The body language, the dance step, or the volume, or the clothes they are wearing? Sometimes it is imperative to note the style and movement of the musician. But, other times it is nice to turn down the attitude and the amplitude and just enjoy the music. Last night such an opportunity came knocking. Fernando Ortega who plays and sings with a refreshing simplistic style that was relaxing to hear and easy to understand. He did not play loudly or use any flashy key strokes to capture the listener. He simply played his songs from the heart and let the music speak. It was good music for the heart, and mind. Check out some of his songs. Rich