Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Puddle Jumping" Sport or Play??

It has been brought to my attention that the activity of puddle jumping is not really a sport but rather a simple act of play.
this my friends was a shock to a guy who takes great pride in puddle jumping. I suppose I should digress a bit for the "newbies" in the group. For those who think that puddle jumping is done with a small plane between to islands you may need to read a bit farther to fully understand this one.

Imagine if you will a large mass of water sitting along the side of the road. ("Got IT in mind?") ok then see yourself in a car aimed right straight at it traveling relatively fast. 1.) You grip the wheel. 2.) Brace for impact with the water. 3.) Punch the accellerator. 4.) Smile with glee as you hammer the water. 5.) Smile in sweet success of washing the bottom of your car and the neighbors cars and anyone standing within a 30 foot radius of your vehicle.

Now to those who have experienced this I would like to say.. "Strong work" Your living life ..

Now back to puddle jumping. The same spirit that motivates you to hit the puddle with your car also compells us to Jump into
puddles of water. We often use restraint and side step around puddles so as to avoid the water splashing on our shoes or some article of clothing. I would like to discourage this action and to call people to let the kid out. Walk up to the puddle and plant both feet together to allow you to jump higher. Then launch yourself into the air landing in the deepest part of the puddle. This will probably send most of the water out and away from yourself which vastly limits the amount of self clean up but may lower your friendship value to those standing round about you. I will assure you that if you can do this you will feel a smile spead accross your face that will last for several days al least.

Now this action of puddle jumping when taken seriously is a fairly sport like activity. You have to buy proper shoes and puddling gear. Then there is the practice. I mean hey you can't just go out there cold turkey and expect that you will be able to get it right the first time. puddle jumping is like bowling. Often you end up in the gutter yet do not dispair.
With a bit of practice you can get a strike every time .
so is it play .. ??? I think not.. Puddling.. is a sport.

So go out there and enjoy the rain and sport that comes along with it.
You will feel better and be a happier person for it. :)