Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Glories of being in school are the simple pleasures we enjoy on a daily basis. The example here might be something like midterm exams that last for three weeks or final exams that are compacted into a mere four days. One may argue that testing is only stressful if you are concerned with your test scores. hmmm... interesting concept... we will probably assume that the person who has been kind enought to share that thought process is probably a person who enjoys the narcotic affects of "TURKEY SLEEP" on a daily basis.
Well for better or worse we will be finishing our exams this week. Finishing being a loose association not implying that we passed any of them but rather that we have survived the week. This also may lead a reader of this article to think it was some type of "vote them off the island" competition. I would caution the reader to not make any assumptions, but rather to just empathize with us or laugh at our stupidity. Christmas Vacation is Almost here. Cheers.