Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Day part2

Hey Turkey-day lovers. The big day has come and gone. Many an American overeater has had their Gastronomical dreams come true.They have eaten as much food as they can possibly stomach, then for an encore they will fall under the spell of the mysterious "Turkey Sleep". Better know as the affect of Tryptophan a marvalous little amino acid which is a precursor to serotonin. This chemical combo is responsible for many of those couch potatos lounging around livingrooms everwhere over the holiday's. Plump protein packed pultry packin plump peoples pantry's. The holiday's are such a thrill. It is this thrill that is carried over from Thanksgiving till the end of December. Big bad budda bellies beggin badly burnt beef burger breakfasts. Yeah? Weird. Well I can tell you when you cram your stomach full of food over the holiday's you are looking to have some serious time spent on the treadmill at the gym to loose all the extra poundage. It is this unwillingness to stomp along on the treadmill with the millions of americans this Jan-Feb that provides me with the will to watch the amounts I eat over the next several weeks. So as the holidays begin be warned. Watch yourself. Turkey-Day is just the start. More Over eating to follow. Enjoy your vacations, but beware of the "Turkey Sleep". Rich