Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ok, where do I start? The story about my car goes back a few months and will probably only make sense if I give you all a little background. About three or four months ago my sister was in South Africa traveling through the jungles looking at some pretty cool animals. At the same time I was here in good old Loma Linda getting my butt kicked by Gross Anatomy. Upon her return she headed down south to Temecula to see a friend for a day or two. It was on one of these nights that I got "the call"... You know, " hey rich, I was wondering if you wanted to buy my car?"....huh.??? What are you talking about? I was thinking.... Subaru outback.??? yeah.... that would be cool... huh. "Why?" was all i could ask her. Well, I kinda bought a new car today and was wondering if you would like to have(buy, purchase) the old one? Well, I needed a new car cause the beast that I was driving was beginning to show signs of fatigue. "OK." I said in a moment of weakness. I'll buy it. Then began the brother sister barter trade type talking to see what was at stake here. A price was agreed upon and both parties were happy. Next the "red bandit" (richie's new car) had to be retrieved from Temecula. Where it was lurking following the purchase of the "Black Pearl". It came home with me and was a pleasure to drive. So somewhere around here is when the story gets good.
I went out to Utah to work on my house that needed a little room repair. Along the way the old dummy light on the dash comes on. "CHECK ENGINE" Well, I call my sis, and she says : hey don't worry about it the light kinda comes on once in a while. Ok says I and away I go.. Sure enought the next day the light goes out and were feeling good again. Well, the light came on again and stayed on for like a week. I checked every fluid level and all the wires and plugs. Nothing. So I keep driving .. always on the look out for anything funny. Yesterday I finally said you know what I gott get this light checked by a "pro" Vs. a rookie like myself. In to the Subaru dealer the "red bandit" goes. They tell me she will be ready at 4:00pm and I leave feeling AOK about the whole deal.. Thinking nice choice son. Your gonna get all this foolishness figured out once and for all. The phone rings.. "HEllo" yeah rich?? yeah, Hey this is so and so from the Subaru dealer and I have some good new and some bad news..... Ok... what's the good new? We found the problem with your car! hey thats great... What's the bad news....? Yeah... ahh.. it's the #3 valve compression... yadah yadah yadah.. a bunch of mumbo jumbo I don't know and then followed by a # that almost made be wet my pants... it's gonna cost how much?????? I was thinking this guy must be talking about some other vehicle......cause my ride ain't worth that much money. So, taking a few minutes to contemplate the situation I resolved to have the work done. After returning home this afternoon I was thinking ... hey , How much more could it cost to put a new STI 300hp turbo charged engine in my ride? The answer ...4500 dollar... yeah.. ok well I didnt' have the amount needed to repair the old engine so what does it matter if i go in the hole for a couple thousand more dollars? hmmmmm... This is the kind of thinking that gets our government into trouble everyday. Why buy one? When you can buy two at double the cost? Yep that kind of economic reasoning is running this wonderful country.. I wish they were working on my car... Well, needless to say I am having the car fixed. They only problem is that they are pretty certain that they will not be finished before Turkey day.. In which case I will be Fred Fintstoning my A@$ Around LLU for about 10 days.. Yeah.. cool huh.. well, maybe I can loose that extra 5-10lbs. by doing a little ambulation. Keep you posted.. Not likely to happen though.. I am too smart to let a little walking help me loose wait. I will probably increase the "CT" factor (couch-time) to match the increased walking.
Car Problems make you wonder why we buy cars. I might get adventurous and ride a little public transport. Now that would be a story worth telling. I promise you that. I drive by the bus stop in the morning. Them cats have been out there for a while, waiting for the bus. You can tell by the number of McNugget containers that are laying empty around them. Some of them people are living at the bus stop. They ride the bus out on expeditions to find food. Then its back to the BS (bus stop) I will have to try the local system out... See how functional it is. Until Then I am out of GAS and OUT of a CAR. So Enjoy driving yours and if you see me walking around LLU. Don't be afraid to lay on the horn and crank down a window to hollar out a "WAAASSS UP" to a brother as I'm heading to or from school. Rich