Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Training in my living room

Since the recent demise of my car. I am forced to ride my bike anywhere I want to go. Not so bad if you enjoy peddling around Loma Linda. However night rides on the local streets are not conducive to safety nor do they allow for much social interaction. (Barring the occasional finger waving deviant the attempts to run you off the road into any ditch, hole, curb, or structure that may present itself as an available target) This being mainly due to current road conditions and the lack of common sense on the part of those who choose to throw their glass bottles onto the roadway to achieve a sense of self-worth. (I am somewhat jaded on this point) Thanks to these deviants we are able refine and test our tire repair skills on nearly a daily basis. This installs a desire to not ride in Loma Linda, but rather in Redlands where there are fewer deviants and more low traffic roads. However this creates a new problem of how to get to Redlands to start a ride. Normally it is as simple as jumping in my car and hauling "A" over to where ever you want to start. With the “red bandit” in the shop for the near future I have had to fall back on the trusty #2 option. The indoor trainer! Let me tell you this little guy shows no mercy. It is a constant workout with no relief in sight unless you want to just get off. I thought it would be cool to watch a movie and do a nice easy 60 min. workout. Not happening! In the first five minutes of the flick I was starting to loose interest. As the presence of lactic acid slowly began overriding any and all thought processes that were trying to take place in my feeble mind. Studying? Nope. I realized a bit late that I need 99-100% O2 sat. to even stay on the bicycle at this point. Making a long story short riding the trainer kicked my butt. Not that most things wouldn’t. However it really crushed my self-image to be so badly abused by such a small machine. It was like having to quit a marathon because you tripped on your own shoe lace and broke a leg. (well, that maybe a little random) All I can tell you is that riding thee old trainer will either make you stronger or make you sell it on ebay. Rich