Monday, November 21, 2005

"Hey, Can I borrow your pen?"

Here I am on the eve of a monster Histology test Tuesday typing away. I can't help it though. I mean this blog had to go out. Let me start you off with a little thought to ponder. You walk into a public bathroom, look around pick a location to do your business, head to the sink to wash your hands (as any good manered individual should) then hit the door back to what ever you were doing. Ok.. Gotta the picture. It may be a bit of a strange picture yet hang in there it's going somewhere.
So I am out for dinner a couple days ago with my friend Bio-chica. I believe we were at the Rama Garden in Redlands. It was a nice evening with the full moon and the moderate climate we have been enjoying. Dinner was wonderful and we bantered on about politics and religion, social life and friends. The waiter tried to light the overhead heater like four times with absolutely no, I repeat myself, NO success. It was beginning to get cool as the evening had now progressed. It was after his final and futile attempt at lighting the heater that I gave up. "CHECK PLEASE".... Soon after the waiter appeared with the bill. We as always split the bill down the middle. Put our two cards in the black bill carrier and he quickly scampered off to run the cards. Shortly there after he came back with two black bill carriers one for each of us. I quickly opened mine scanned the ####'s picked up the pen and signed the paper. I looked over at Bio-Chica and she was rummaging in her purse for something. I asked if I could help? she said no, and continued the search in her purse. Soon she was triumphant in her search and happily pulled a pen from her purse and signed her bill. Huh... was all I could say... "aaah... was the pen they gave you broken?" I asked. Bio-Chica: NOPE. I don't like to use the pen they provide. You don't know where it's been. RICH: "yeah.......hmmmm... yeah....ok.. uuuuhhh... you wanna get some Ice cream?" and "CUT" I was waiting for the film crew to come over and powder my nose but, nope..... no film crew here... "real life" that's what I'm talking about. Where has the pen you picked up from the grimple holder on your desk been? More importantly, Is it yours? You may have washed your hands, but how about dude hitting the door in front of you? Wash? or Did not Wash? Your make the call. Real People .... all different... diversity is our strong point and our weakest point.. So next time you go to grab that pen, or pencil laying by the computer. what you may really want to do is ask your friend; "Hey, Can I borrow your pen?" Rich