Thursday, December 01, 2005

TANKS. "Does Size Matter?"

Talking Tanks can be one of those things in diving the boarders on the insane. It never stops. It starts when your assembling your gear with a simple probe or jest. Just to sort of break the ice. It might sound something like this. "Hey man, looks like you got a steal 100." Yeah. "Find you use alot of air diving eh?" Huh. "well I am using the new steal hp80 smaller and more negative in the H2O. " ect.ect..ect.... and the conversation continues. It is strange how each person thinks you should dive the same tank they are diving.
There are many different sizes of tanks made for diving of which some are more loved then others. It seems that more people on the west coast of the U.S. enjoy diving a steal tank. In the tropics the common choice is the aluminum 80. Well any way you slice it, You will find that you will need a tank to dive. Unless you are daring enough to dive on snuba. The large tire pump with a hose hookup to send you down to the deep unknown. I mean check these guys out. I have a question. How long is that hose? oh. I got one more. Question #2: Who's running the pump up there on the boat? Snuba.... hummm.. maybe not. Well in any case they are under water and looks like they don't care about question #1, or #2. So, let the good times roll.
When it comes to tanks... Size matters if you want to be down longer. The cut off for functionality is the weight of the tank. Which also increases with the size of the tank. If your a lung and use enough air to raise the titanic then maybe snuba would be a great idea. One additional point might be to ask for the larger diameter hose. I guess that just about sums up all I have to say about that.