Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Sport Shorts Gone Bad"

Yep, thats right shorts can go bad. It is officially a fact. They can expire! It seemed impossible yet, there you have it they can loose their luster. Sometimes they go out quickly, other times they just drift into mild obscurity. Thee Shorts in question drifted into relative hibernation two decades ago with the demise of the "butt hugger" gym shorts. However it seems my friend doug (pardon me for being a bit anthropromorphic for a moment) "awoke" the shorts and brought them to Ther-ex class. What better time to parade a pair of vintage gym shorts that almost never had a "hay-day" then in the FINAL PRACTICAL. The plan may have been to some how convince the evaluator of his proficiency of the material by wearing a "sporty" pair of the afore mentioned (dare I say) shorts. In any case I must send a warm and hearty "nice work" to Doug aka:"King of the Lawn". Thanks for the laugh my friend. Who better than you? Assistant Trash colector. Rich