Monday, December 05, 2005

"Oil and Water"

This past weekend brought to light the simple yet important fact that oil and water do not exist as a single compound. It also allowed for a certain amount of research which was conducted with little to no imformed consent. It rained here on Fri. night and therefore left a small amount of water on the pavement for all to enjoy on Sat. morning. The fun started by having the opportunity to get out of a nice warm bed in order to get on my bike for a small four to five hour ride around the local area. First stop Coffee. Then we can see how far we will decide to ride following a few sips of the old coffee. As we were sitting around the coffee shop talking I heard someone say "hey man, did you see that section by the entrance to the road? It looked slick as hell. Someone's going down on that today you watch." Several of the other guys concured that they thought it looked slick and that some one was going to eat sh@$ on that section. We finished drinking most of the coffee so that we could get started on our ride. Grabbed our bike and headed out. Clipped into our peddles and off we went. As we started into the first corner I noted that it looked like some oil might be sitting on the pavement. (I think it was the water beaded up on the surface that clued me in to this fact.) It was at this moment that I noticed a sudden lose of traction in both the front and rear tires. It was over before I had a chance to do anything. Laying in the street holding my coffee cup high. Not spilling a drop. I repeated the words said earlier. "somebodies going to eat sh#@ in that corner today" Yep... I knew it would be me. Oil and Water... Don't mix.... not at all. Watch out for Black Ice on the road as well. Rich