Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Hiking Boots??? Nah...Rock the Clogs!"

It goes without saying that men are brash and quick of thought. We often make decision, which others may look at with a smirk and think to themselves. "Yeah, try that out smart guy." Well, I have had the luck or dare I say opportunity of late to make several suggestions...(advisements) that have not been the most helpful. The first of these was the advice to the great bio-chica of tomato Tuesday fame. She asked me if we needed hiking boot for this "walk/ hike/ adventure we were going to take for the afternoon. I said nah... you'll be good with those clogs. Huh.. Not good exactly sage advice there kids. I can tell you that when asked such a question in the future I will be smart enough to answer thusly... "What do you think dear?" ah ha.. Now that will solve some of it. Well, the Clogs rocked the hike with relative ease. I would say they lose a bit of traction on the wet surfaces so at times like these you just have to do as my cousin Hobart would say..and "man up Barnes" The photo show's just what such a comment requires as far as the "man up" part goes. The lovely bio-chica was there by carried over the slippery logs and crazy sand stone. She rocks. Well, I guess having good people around you can make all the difference when you say something like "hiking boots??nah.. rock the clogs!" .. Lesson learned... rich

Here is the team.. Bio-chica, Rich, WB
I'm telling you.. Gun lock, Utah. Not bad
not bad at all... Two thumbs up..