Friday, May 05, 2006

"Hipaa or not to Hipaa"

The wonderful field of health care has made it possible to join in the fun of being a Hipaa member. Oh yeah. It is our grand pleasure to inform you that you are now held liable for the protection of the "hippa". Ok,,, soooo.. What is a hippa.?? Is it a small animal found on the large continent of Africa? Or should we be looking for this beast in the rain forest of Brazil?

Turns out this wild animal is found in the bowels of the healthcare system. Yep. one more of the wonders of healing. It wonders the halls and elevators looking for those who do not comply. Large fines are charged to the individual who does not take care to watch out for the Hipaa! "BEWARE OF THE HIPAA"!!!! You could potentially cause an incidental use or disclosure... So watch for he Safeguards. 1.) Don't let the hippa beast get in the way of your care. 2.) Info is given on a need to know basis!! (sounds like the military) 3.) Only the Facts....
The TPO is a crucial part of the system... With the hipaa beast wandering the halls we often find a mess that would require the use of a bit of TP..O TP can clean up a lot of ...stuff..... and put it in contact with an organization of TP you could reasonably assume that the hospital would be a clean place.
Next we come to Gap analysis... you don't want a leak... (enough said)
Hipaa the next animal to come out of the healthcare system.... Will it be the last???