Saturday, June 23, 2007

Share-Cropping...Brilliant move or absolute stupidity?

Ok.. so a lot has happened since last time I had a lot of time to get the blog out. I moved, Graduated P.T. school, got a girlfriend, then got engaged, then I am moving again, while trying to stay on top of the pulse of Lomi-land. Let me tell you friends, I truly believe we are way to busy it this world. Way way way to busy.. We need to take a break.. So this is where the whole "share-cropper" thing comes up.. So check it out..

I live with my roommate, owner of the house and land on which we live. They guys a straight up type of fellow, yet has his lapses as we all do from time to time. Let me set the stage for what could be one of the more interesting lapses this decade as he and several "new" aquaintances attempt to make a farm out of our 3.5 acres of dusty land.
It all started a few weeks ago when some guy (will go nameless for sake of immunity) talked with my roomie about needing a bit of land to grow some veggies. Well if a garden you want then a garden you shall have! Says, my home owner. And they beggin to wine and dine the idea of a garden in the dry, dusty, sunbaked and last but not least gopher infested land we call home. Now if the last part of that last sentence has not alerted you to the potential hazards of Gardening then the next one should let you know you are in for some hard times.. You all remember "da silly liddle wabbit" yeah.. we got like fourty thousand of the little dudes crusing around our place. At night it is now uncommon to see a whole squad of them chasing our dog around the property. So yeah.. Garden,,, with Gophers and a Rabbit problem... hmmmm... stay tuned for news...

Well my roommate the shrewd thinker that he is devised a plan that they .. the people desiring to grow a garden... could have their little run of the land if they would give him a portion of the take... back in the early 1800's they used to call this type of deal share-cropping. In todays society the fact that there is not much of it going on.."maybe in like africa or somewhere. It would imply that maybe there are a few problems with the system. Any how They are at it day and night.. Every AM at 5:30 they roll in with digging and raking the soil. They have been going buckwild on the garden area for near on three weeks now. The sun is starting to get hot.. so this will be the true test of their fortitude. What will the share-croppers do with the recent heat wave? The plants are being sticken with heat exhaustion. Many have already thrown in the towel. The Rabbits hit the garden the other day. Now they are rapidly building a fence to keep out the rabbits. The Gophers have yet to strike. They are waiting for there to be some plants to eat.. Right now the digging would take more energy than they would get by devouring the whole garden. oh baby this is going to be a long long long summer for the Share-Croppers.. I am currently thinking this is going to be stupidity.. we will see if I need to take those words back...