Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving into Seattle!

It has officially happened! I have left Loma Linda, CA. There is no going back. The door has been shut. I have signed away my life to the Seattle area for a bare minimum of 1 year. 

So now as an official Seattle Local. I can say that life here is very very different. It is not the sun baked land. The dirt is not dried up and cracked with the temperature. There are green trees and plants everywhere and the weather is a mild degree of cool. The water is cool and clean. I took my first drink from the tap and thought I had filtered water. It tastes good. I could hardly believe it. I suppose that many things will take time to adjust. My Driving style is 
certainly going to be one of the first things that must change. Who knows, I may get the bug and ride the bus to work!!! wow.. starting to turn a bit green already.

Well my friends. I can only say that the
 life up here is very different from California.