Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Loma Linda.... why are we still here?

It has this week become starkly clear that my time here in Loma linda is drawing to a close. Well how do you know that Rich? Ah, I am glad you asked me. Allow me to elaborate a bit.
Loma Linda is a city filled with youth and constant change. Being that the only real large item located in the city is the university. Which is in no way a true university (yeah.. another point to cover in more detail later) Right. so here we go then. As the "university" is the only thing here life somewhat naturally becomes focused on student type things. You know what I mean, the mundane things like go to the coffee shop and get a cup of Jo to facilitate late night study for a 5 unit class, or trying to get a couch for your new apartment. You know the core things in school life. In any case we find that most of the people who remain in Lomi land for longer than three years are either dating someone who currently attends the "so said" University. If this is not the case they may be involved in part two of that same idea... (part 2 is defined as "trying to find someone at the university as cool as the person your buddy is dating!" ) ..I will say that part 2 people are usually fustrated and bitter due to being aced out on the one person who would have been perfect had they been able to convince the person they were not stalking them with the nightly phone calls and flower deliveries. :) yeah.. ok.. so

Where was I .. right .. still in Loma linda .. the real question is .. "WHAT ARE WE THINKING?" I mean we are not here for the air quality, we're not here for the water! Oh, it must be the lush green forests that surround the area!!! NOT! Well then most asuredly we are staying in Loma Linda because the Mountians are so beautiful in the winter. (ok. you have a point there, However you might be overlooking the small fact that for the other 8 months of the year people believe we live in a plain with no mountains for a hundred miles or more! You can barely see the neighbors house let alone the mountains. So leave all that nature talk to the people who actually move to Arrowhead or Rim Forest. Where you can take your chances with all the Fires! Naw we are here in Loma Linda area because of all the quality people..... uh.. wait a minute.. no..(this just in.. Crime in the surrounding area has been escalating for the past three or four decades. ) I heard from a Law Enforcement person that LA county is paying their perolies CASH to relocate to San Bernardino!!! I said Great! Just what we need.. Well.
What can you do. You are forced to realize if you are still here .. you may need to just set fire to the place in which you reside and let it all go up in smoke! Think about it. talk about your savings on a Uhaul! You can load up as much "ash" as you want to put in your new garden in Kansas and head on out. Yippy skippy. No packing no paying a bunch of guys to come over and carry your crap out into a truck only to have it all delivered to a new place which will probably not be able to hold all your junk. Don't be a pack rat. Unload and Get out of Dodge! That's what I am thinking. Get up and out! no reason to stay longer than you need to. I am counting down. Hasta la vista baby.. Heading for clean air and cool waters.. (of course i heard that was what awaited me here!) :)
take care all you lomi landers!
Stay in the trenches, keep your head low and your rifle loaded.