Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Welcome to Kirkland

Well my friends I can officially say.. Welcome to Kirkland Washington.  Where the air is clean and the water is pure. It has been only 2 short weeks, yet I feel as if this was the best move ever.  Consider the facts.. Temp in Loma Linda, CA the week of the move.. 115 degree's F... Temp on arrival in Kirkland, WA.. 65 F ... ok.. so not convinced.. tap water.. Lomi land... "tastes like recycled/filtered sewer water.. (forced to drink bottled H2O) Kirkland H2O... fresh, clean and clear.  Saving all kinds of money on bottled water. :) Traffic.. oh baby . yeah.. that word alone is clear.. LA.. Stinks bad.. Up in WA.. reasonable.. moves along no major stops.. unless they have some Wild animal on the roadway.. (why yes they do have wild animals up here.. Not just the animals in the zoo.. 

Living in the rain. Now it does rain a bit.. Well to be honest it rains alot.. but hey who's counting. It is sufficient to say that life is more moist that Cali.. yet that makes everything... GREEN!!!! I can tell you I do not live in a desert.. Grass is nice.. Tree's are good. I can see why they have so many tree huggers up here.. I mean .. hey they are green .. smell nice and are producing O2.. What more can you want from something? 

Life up here is G R E A T .... 
Only thing I miss from LA .. is the Noise of gun Fire.. no .. NO I Don't... :)