Monday, October 31, 2005


I forgot that today was the big sugar fest of October. It was not till I got to the front of the line and started ordering my morning coffee fix that it crossed my mind. "Hey, she doesn't usually wear a Naughty Nurse outfit, and that other girl.... Was she always dressed like a french maid?" I pretended not to notice that difference in dress, and ordered my standard non-fru-fru drink, the old faithful of coffee houses everywhere "House coffee". I guess you might also refer to it as the cheapest coffee on the menu. (It also comes with a refill!) Where was I ... oh yeah.. Halloween. Now where in the world other than the US would be able to find a holiday created or crafted toward a demographic of young children living in a sugar/french Fry/Soda saturated culture. Then on top of that, shape this holiday to require elaborate and expensive costumes for the children to wear and hit the streets in search of free handouts of candy. I mean doesn't anyone see a problem here? When was the last time a child could be seen turning down "FREE" candy? yeah.. uhhhh.. like never. Ok so with that small point established I would have say that we should try to change a bit. But until then I will have to go along with the old "when in Rome, ya.. da.. ya.. da.. ya.. da.... Happy Candy Gathering Kids.
Keep an eye out... You may see some strange looking people out there.. I mean check this guy out.

Coffee : "Friend or Foe"?

It has been brought to my attention that I drink a lot of coffee. This is most likely a true comment, due to my arrival at school with a cup of coffee in hand every morning. A nice cup of coffee in the morning is not the worst way to pass the first several hours till you get your eyes open. This addictive stimulant is Legal, Cheap, and in your face. Here in America we can find no shortage of Coffee shops and little kiosks where you can purchase your Java for minimal expense. I believe that we should always have an understanding of any substance we ingest. Coffee should not there for be overlooked. Ok, off we go to find out the finer points of our friend coffee.

How much Caffeine is in a drink, food, pills? Lets Check it out. The National Soft Drink Assoc.... NSDA ... (can you believe they have a job looking at Sodas?)
They gave us some #'s about mgs. of Caffeine per 12 oz. Soda... here are a few of the favorites.
Good old Jolt cola leading the way with 71.2 mgs., followed closely by sugar-free Mr. Pibb @ 58.8 mgs, Mt. Dew @ 55.0, then we see a little drop about 10 pt.s to hit Coca-cola weighing in at 45.6, Pepsi brings up the tail end of our list at a meger 37.2 mgs. (No wonder you can't get a buzz on the stuff) ... That wraps up the Soda side lets see how that compairs with a cup of Coffee.

In your standard 7 oz coffee we see a variance by how the coffee was made. A drip coffee is kickin with a rip roaring 115-175 mgs, Espresso 100 mgs. (thats a single shot) about 1.5 oz. ZAP! If your brewing the stuff your gonna see only about 80-135mgs. Instand 65-100, Tea-30-70mgs depending on if its iced or instant. Now we have established how much Caffeine you will get.. Lets see what the stuff will do to you. ( Here is what the Caffeine Molecule looks like)

In Humans the Caffeine Molecule works primarily on the Brain and skeletal muscles. Caffeine is an alkaloid. We find it lurking in Cacao bens, cola nuts, and several other plants.
There are numerous compounds called alkaloids, among them we
have the methylxanthines, with three distinguished compounds:
caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine,found in cola nuts,
coffee, tea, cacao beans, mate and other plants. These compounds
have different biochemical effects, and are present in different
ratios in the different plant sources. These compounds are very
similar and differ only by the presence of methyl groups in two
positions of the chemical structure. They are easily oxidized to
uric acid and other methyluric acids which are also similar in
chemical structure.

This explains a bit of why after drinking that cup of coffee you
may soon feel the need to use the restroom. Life for the average
Joe begins with a cup of this lovely nectur. A steaming brew of
Chemical compounds your enzymes are all to ready to breakdown.
It is this wonderful point that I will attempt to address in my next
Caffine article. Rich

Mt. Rushmore

I was in Nichol hall today studing ortho for an exam tomorrow when I saw a map and started looking for places to go. I saw Mt. Rushmore and I thought. Man, I gotta see that big A#$ rock. So, I am on it.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Did the time Change?

It was the night before the time change all through the house not a clock was set not even a little. I was studing till they through me out of the coffee shop. Then several hours before the time change I took a look at the clocks lurking around the house and made a mental note to remember the time would not be correct in the morning if I don't spin them back an hour. Well, I got busy studing and soon after faded off to bed. The last thought I had was something like, "my cell phone will auto update the time". So the alarm goes off. I stretch over and turn it off. "Man it feels good to get another hour of sleep. Well, I gear up and jump on my bike for the Sunday morning suffer fest. I arrive at the coffee shop about fifteen minutes later. I see my buddy Andy hanging out side talking to the TREK rep Greg. I noted that Andy's coffee cup is like a quarter down already. I look around wondering if I will have time to sit and enjoy a slow cup myself. A minute later I am sitting in the warm sun cause my A@$ is numb from riding over to the shop. I look around and not two more guys show up and I was like yeah, here we go. The ride usually leaves at 8~8:15 so I was thinking some of the guys forgot to set their clocks back and overslept... hmm..... So, I call my budy Eddy. Rich:"Are you riding? Or are you hidding? What's the deal man?" Eddy: "Rich, its 7:15 man..." Rich: "NO WAY?" "ah Idiot" "AHHHH" I then realized I had been swindled out of about an hour of good solid sleep. Yet, strangely enough I felt good for getting out of bed at like 6:00 on a Sunday. The point is don't trust your cell phone. rich

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pigmies on the battlefields of life!

It seems funny that throughout life we are constantly pivoting from one focus to another. If we are not shifting our focus we soon become bored in the stagnate life that has been created. This is why we must be aware of the pitfalls which a mundane life may bring and avoid them at all costs. It was this exact thought that caused me to get out of the trenches and move on to the battle field of life.

In my feable attempt to thwart boredom, I left the little town of loma linda and headed for the clear skies and clean air available in arrowhead. I can tell you that there are few feelings better then coming out on top of the world and looking back down on only clouds. It is a great way to kick boredom to the curb.

I have included a photo of the afore mentioned pigmies. I would say not out on the field of battle quite yet, but ready at a moments notice. Left to Right. Andrew, Wendy, Natalie, Rich, Randy.
What a crew. We traveled up the hill in search of adventure and to grub on some Belgian Waffles. The local area sports one of the best places in which to enjoy said waffles it is called, "Waffle Works" and is located in the lake Arrowhead city center. Arriving at the city center ( in a new world record time) we piled out of the "BLACK PEARL"(Actually a car), and headed off in our search for waffles. Wendy being nearly as quick as her car. Headed in first to get our names on the list. No good waffle house would be without a list of people waiting outside. I mean there is a 40 min. wait at IHOP so lets be real for a minute. She returned a few minutes later with a very confused look on her face. "The are experiencing techincal difficulties in the kitchen and are closing early!" Say, what? I want some waffles. Well, after a few heated moments and a lot of counting to ten. We headed off to the coffee shop, mainly because everything else was like 16 dollars for a buffet breakfast without waffles. The coffe shop lady said that the plumbing was backing up and that the kitchen down stairs in the waffle works was flooding. (Katrina or Rita what do you think?) Well, we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with great friends and headed off to do some shopping in the local city center mall. I was lucky enough to find the biggest 14 dollar waste of money yet produced are you ready..... A flying superman minifigure. Yeah it was kinda a spur of the moment "CAFFEINE" induced purchase. Well, the thing rocks, It buzzes around your living room or where ever you put the guy with speed and grace. Superman Rocks! That little purchase and a few more hair raising corners courtesy of the "Pearl" returned us to the land of the smog. We venture forth once more "pigmies on the battlefields of life."

Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Birthday Bash"

Well, another year has past and yep I am now a member of the 30 somethings club. It feels the same but you get some looks when you tell people how old you are. Your 30.... wow..!! I guess it must be surprise that I look so young for my age!!! hahahha yeah.. not likely... It's more like "I thought you were 40 something... ah haha well .. what can you do? Party on friends party on.....................................................

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This week we are studing the lovely EKG or ECG your choice they mean the same thing. I can tell you that I never thought in PT we would be learning all this stuff. However the opportunity is welcome. It is interesting to see how the muscles in your heart are in perfect rythmn and maintain it through coffee both real and fake. I had wanted to understand the ECG, but now I realize that there is more information about how to read a 12 point print out, than there would be to get a manual of how to build a working battleship.
In my attempt to better understand this new world of heart stuff. I decided to shoot a little blog about what the little bugger looks like. So take a look at the picture. It should be somewhere on the right. Then tell yourself that this is what you want to see on your own EKG/ECG if you ever get one. Then look to the pic on the left side of this page. That one is a not so good one option to have. In my review of many articles and studies looking for the understanding of all the up's and down's. I was forced to call several people to help me gain some real knowledge. I would like to therefore thank the little people(MD's) in the ER @ St. B's your guys rock. Thanks for the help. In addition to there help I contacted Bio-Chica. She was a plethera of knowledge. I did find it funny that we had both read similar books on the EKG. Coincidence???? Who knows. Well, my friends I must say that is about all I want to say about that.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mid-Terms are upon us! Run.. run.. run!!!

Mid terms are Kicking my butt and its only week one.

A Happy "21" Birthday for "Greta"

Well, everyone I would like to Introduce another friend of mine. One I am lucky to be in school with for the next several years. Her name is Greta, she in the DPT program and is always fun to be around. Today is her B-Day. Soooooo. I would like to Take a moment to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" GRETA from all your classmates at LLU. Hope your 21st yr. in life is a great one! It comes to mind that several things become legal at the age of 21 so be careful out there. Being on the wagon isn't so bad.... Cause you can watch the rest of the crazies.. look crazy.. Happy Birthday. Rich

"I Don't Want Real Coffee!"

I was standing in line at the GFE to get some coffee to take to class, when the lady infront of me raised her voice and says "Decafe"!!! "I ordered Decafe!" I don't want real coffe like I got last week! This lady was getting a bit agro for 7:45 am. I was like chill out baby. The Caffine may take the edge off whatever your dealing with. Can you imagine... I mean this lady was in a coffee shop ordering a coffee, yet she does not want REAL coffee? Ok.. That was random. I went throught my first cup of REAL coffee. Trying to understand why anyone in their right mind would pay the price of like $1.75 or something to drink a hot cup of bad tasting water strained through some highly altered coffee beans. Out of control! Nice Lady. You win a wacky moment award for paying for something you want, but you want it not real. I am a big fan of real! Not just coffee but everything. It is have a good friend who is not real. A stuffed animal is nice.... But I like my dog. You get the idea. So Tomorrow when you get out of bed.. Well assuming you can. Try and have a real day with really fun times. I know I will. Rich

Monday, October 17, 2005

Book Review: Portuguese Irregular Verbs

Well It has come to my attention that I have not been enlightening my fellow bloggers with any of the great literary pieces which have passed across my desk of late. So, in a feable attempt at fixing this short coming, I would like to present a book by Alexander McCall Smith. He is an amazing British author with a unique way of mixing amusement with drama to make a book come alive. His work in question is none other then the Classic Portuguese Irregular Verbs. I should add that the name of this book does very little to interest the reader, unless they are of course a linguist. In which case, this may stir some deep longing to study the irregular verbs in yet another language. I for one have difficulty understanding this urge, coupled with the lack of comprehending what the hell an irregular verb is, in the first place. Yet the struggle moves on. It was however a good read. The plot was great. I find that by telling you much about the book. I would ruin the reading potential this book has to offer. So..... when you have a chance you should get down to the local library and pick up a copy. You can also find this absolute classic on Audio Tape at the Loma Linda Public Library. Check it out I am sure you will enjoy this one.

Alexander McCall Smith has many other books, which I am currently reading in my free time. I have so much free time recently .. yeah .. well I can dream. Can't I? I would also recommend the book The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs. A real classic. I could not put this one down. It was a truely well thought out book. Filled with many more examples of marvalous British humor.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pro Mountain Bikers Rock

Pro Mountain biking is a sport that is often times overlooked by the public. It gets thrown in a category with all the other quote "Extreme" sports. People scratch it off the list of things to check out. I would like to show several reasons/people that represent the true heart of a great sport. Here is my friend Jeff Evans a hard working Pro rider for the KHS Team. I mean look at this guy. He is the epitome of cool. Just by looking at the pic your already thinking, "I wanna hang out with this dude". Not to mention, the fact that he competes in downhill, slalom and the mother of all evil 4 man MX. He has shown good form all season long riding hard and placing well. A man to keep your eye on. If you wanna see this guy in action your in luck. He was featured in a four page spread of Decline Magazine, and is all over the new 2006 Azonic catalog. I looked at some of the pics and they were sick. The Decline mag article was great! I have to say Evans has really raised the bar, on and off the bike, especially with rallying his civic WRC style in the pea gravel at the campsite. Rally's rock! Mt. bikers have a style all your own. No Chedder cheese here my friends!
(Jeff checking on the competition)

My other friend Dave K. is also a madman on the bicycle. He turns out some of the fastes times on the NORBA Downhill series every year. He is always a contender in every race he enters. I have been riding with Jeff and Dave several times when all I saw after the up-hill section was a cloud of dust. They haul A@%! Dave "K" recently won the Canada cup race in Whistler, BC. This guy has been riding hard this year. Congrats Dave looking good bro.

These guys work hard. Traveling around the country racing different venues. It's their love and commitment to the sport that keeps them riding hard. It is always a blast to go out for a ride with these guys. If your fit and willing to take a few diggers you can pin it with the fellas. I would warn you from experience. Just because they didn't brake into the corner does not mean you shouldn't! These guys have "handling skills" that will overcome the laws of physics alot of the time. I would recommend before riding some of the more gwarly trails with these guys, giving your health insurance a call just to see what the ER coverages are. It may give you a little more respect for the trail. The long and short of it is summed up in the fact that these guys are out there pushing the limits. No matter what the conditions or terrain. If you get a chance, get off your A@# and check out one of the local races. I promise you will not be disappointed by what you see.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A "Third Grade Neuro" Moment!

I would like to point out the huge commitment that LLU has made for it's lovely group of Third Graders this year. They have gone thought a lot to provide clean rooms for study, and plenty of Play-Doh to make all the kiddies happy. Just look at the smiles on their faces as these classmates. Who would ever guess that this much happiness could be generated from making brain stems out of Play-Doh. They are doing a very good job of forming a brain stem. I think if I tried this type of experiment you would have a lot of cleaning up to do, and very little brain stem to show for it. In any event, I think these guys deserve a firm and hardy hand shake for a job well done. Nice work gang! See ya next week. For another adventure in Third Grade Neuro! In closing check out what you can do with play-doh. Plato????
Contests??? can you believe it? Amazing!

Nerd Status

Nerd status is a funny thing. I mean in high school everyone was pretty much doing anything, and I mean anything to not be labled a nerd. However as time passes, and we progress through this crazy thing we call life. We note more and more nerd-like behaviors becoming "main stream". You may even think to yourself "Lucky" I mean just look around you, at your friends. How many own a computer? How many have a graphing calculator? Do you know what 273K would be in Celcius? Do you find yourself checking your palm pilot before you make any weekend plans? Do you watch C-span vs. the five'O clock news? Well, that would raise your nerd level to somewhere near "King of the Nerds" status. I hope that this little update has hightened your awareness to your change to becoming a Nerd. If this has stirred a little curiosity in you as to how much of a nerd you are then I have the answer for you. Check out this link. Enjoy. Go to Nerdland!
Wanna take a nerd Test?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Watch out for Omnitrans!

Many people are able to multi-task it turns out I am not one of them. How do I know this piece of information, you might ask. It was today that I confirmed a theory I had been considering for quite some time. I am completely a one task type of guy. It was not long in coming, but oh did it drop the hammer. Omni trans of Loma Linda came down on me like hail from the clear blue sky. I mean wow..... So there I was, walking up Anderson St. with Doug (King of the Lawn) Hill, who I was politely asking Ortho qustions for the quiz we were about to take. I believe, I was asking if he could tell me the difference between primary and secondary impingment of the glenohumeral jt. when...a *$&%ing Omnitrans sign connected with my frontal bone and down I went. It was total chaos for a moment until the ringing from my ears died down. As I looked about me I could still see my notes slowly and peacefully gliding throught the air on their own way to the ground. I positioned my self like a NFL lineman in a huddle by taking a knee on the sidewalk. I quickly assessed the situation. Instantly I surmised I had lost some skin from the blow to the head and it was quickly starting to say "I'm gonna leave a mark!". So I gathered my notes and holding my head to stop the bleeding. Thanked Doug for his concern over my head and than asked about why he never said something like, "Hey rich, look out for the Omnitrans sign in the middle of the sidewalk." Well, the moral of the story is that you should always keep your eyes on the Omnitrans signs, and check with a friend before multi-tasking. They may tell you your a single task person like me.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Casino Pt. , Catalina

For the average person it may be just a small hunk of land off the coast of the biggest fashion and movie production city the globe has seen for centuries. Yet, others may see it as a refuge from the constant smog and busy schedule which keep us running helter skelter. Personally I have to take the second option. I also have to say that I enjoy Catalina Islands other wonders those not found above sea level. I am a scuba diver and Catalina is one of the best locations in Southern California. It offers clear water and a large variety of fish, many can be found close to shore for those who would rather snorkle or kayak. It was this magnetic pull of clear water and cool fish that got me out of bed at 4:30 Sat. morning to head to San Pedro to catch the one hour ferry ride across the channel to the Catalina. I sacked out for a little rest on the bench out side the port of San Pedro. Aldran did some sweet driving and helped us arrive a few minutes early for our ferry. This also gave us time to sip a cup of coffee and eat a muffin before falling asleep on the boat. When I woke up it was cool, and the weather looked like it might rain. The taxi driver assured us that it would not rain and that the clouds would burn off by 10:00 am. (I should have put some money on that one) The day was great, except for a slight breeze. Which would chill you down real quick after being at 100 ft. for 45 min. The dives were excellent. Aldran and his girlfriend Shiva were my dive buddies for the day. It was barrels of fun swimming in and around ship wrecks, chasing lobster, and looking for octopus. It was nice, really nice .. We finished the day off with a night dive and several cups of hot coco to warm up the old body before the ferry ride home. All in all a great day. More Photos to come on this one.. oh yeah.. more photos.

To Glove or not to Glove

My friend Bio-chica was talking to me last night and I noticed a set of Garden gloves in her back seat. I thought wow a very over zealous patron of the biological realm. It came as quite a surprise to me to hear her say that she did not do any gardening at all, but that she used them to pump her gas. "Nice", I thought. You keep your hands from smelling like gas from the pump. What a great idea! A big swing and another miss!!! She tells me that no she is not concerned with the gas smell on her hands, but rather she is worried about all the dirty hands that have been touching the pump before she got to it. Riiiight... So .... let me get this straight.. you wear gloves to pump gas to avoid getting one of those ichy rashes that are skulking about the gas pumps waiting for an opportunistic chance to climb on to a finger or thumb and cause disease or some other possibility. Well Bio-chica, I have to agree there were some pretty scary looking people at the pump today.... and more scary than that is the part where they all said, "HEY Rich, how's it goin?" yep the RB has some skeletons in the ol' d closet. ha ha ha nah.. You never know.. What you pay for at the pump may get you more than gasoline. So I leave it in your hands to Glove or Not Glove.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Coffee and a Bagel

My sister who is currently in New Orleans working for DMAT called me today and relayed several facts about the clean up effort. The number one fact is that food is pretty darn expensive and at times hard to find. The fast food places don't even have the full menu available. It's either this or that. Option A or Option B.... ha ha ha ha yeah..ok so you want a Big Mac with Cheese and a large what? Oh. I am sorry sir but we do not currently have that item available, would you like to add something else instead? Oh, I am sure that would go over like a lead balloon. Try that in LA For a week or two see how they like it. Well, the skinny is no pun intended, that the price of a single cup of drip coffee and a bagel this morning in New Orleans was $7.50 Now mind you that is a simple cup of house coffee and a normal (made on this planet by humans) bagel for 7.50. Sound like robbery to you? Well its breakfast to alot of people. Better start saving your box tops and betty crocker points. Hope all is well with all of you. Especially the WB and DMAT crew in New Orleans. Rich

Pigmies in the Jungles of Life!

The thought comes to mind of a tribe of three foot people swinging around on vine branches. Well, there are those days when you wish you could just swing around in the trees and not have to study anything. Today is one of those days. Now it is entirely possible that you might not actually be having one of those days, but one of those weeks and just not be aware of it yet. A prime example is my Friend Claire who has been having one of those weeks. She bought a calendar several weeks ago and was happy with her purchase. However she had been noting some strange things happening to her. Her timing for things was just off a little. Like wishing her mother Happy B-day a day early. It was in fact that event that clued her in to the problem. She had bought a 2006 calendar. Hang in there Claire 2006 is coming.

Here is my friend Lauren. She is the brains of our group. If you have a problem with your neuro homework..... yeah enough said..she's on it.
Time to hit the books......I'm out

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A note to the fans of "Brain Boy"

A note from "Brain Boy" to the kids at table #2. When looking at this pic it appears to the viewer that a class of rather large 3rd graders are struggling with a coloring project. This could however be a group of DPT students working on a drawing (from memory) of a spinal cord. The basic point here is that no matter how many times you ask people to do something like draw a picture or something. It is always easier to do if you have skittles or Gummy Bears.

I must however point out the reading material on the left side of this picture. It does not look like the Brain Atlas to me, but what do I know.. (Kids at play time)
Ask the Brain Boy.... maybe he knows...

Random Moment With Japanese Nurses?

Here is a genuine event that can only happen in Loma Linda. I mean, where else in the world can you be just walking down the street and be jumped by like ten Japanese Students in "white suits"? Each of which has a camera and wants to take a picture with you. It is out of control. Absolutely no explaination to be had. Here is the fruit of their labor.. (now the real random thing here is that I also took a picture!)
Crazy days my friends . Crazy days.
I'm out .. rich

Time Trial Season

It is the time of the year when cyclists start hanging up the road bikes and pulling out the arrow bars to start the time trial series. It has become more popular to race TT's this year. Possibly due to the increased public awareness caused by Lance's winning the Tour again. #7 Well, what ever the reason this years TT series promises to have some great competition.
Lancaster offered several TT's this year. My good friend Evert and his brother Ernie talked me into entering several of these the two man, and Four man team TT's. We ride regularly together so I knew that I would need to train hard to be able to contribute as a 2nd man in the two man event, and as the 4th man in the four man team event. The Lohman brothers are always strong and this year has proved once again that they can turn the big ring.
(R-L) Ernie, Evert, Rich

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aligators Bite!

Well as we all know there were several small storms that wiped out Louisianna and parts of Texas. Some parts have now been flooded twice. This has been difficult on many people in the area. So our good old Government agency FEMA has called in health care workers and people of all occupations to help clean up and support the people of the area.
My sister the great WB has been a member of DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team), , and was called up to respond to this most recent disaster meaning RITA not Katrina. Currently she stationed in New Orleans working to support the local Hospital staff. She called me last night and told me that one of the biggest injuries is Alligator Bites now as for me personally I can not imagine how you treat a bite from one of these creatures. I mean what do you do.... ask the gator for the leg back, or do you just bring the patient gator and all into the E.R. together? I got a good laught out of some of the stories of crazy stuff we just don't see out here in sunny SoCal. Cheers to all the Volunteers and Healthcare workers who have taken time to be a part of rebuilding our nation.


Another ride up sunset and around the loop. The weather was perfect other than the wonderful head wind which would hit you on any exposed section of the climb. It gets dark so early these days that most riders are tring to go out early in an attempt to get more than a single lap in before dark. As Grant "seven pancake" Sample put it " Bring out the lights " as he tore up sunset with his high beam on. Uneventful, ride.

Planning a dive weekend out at Calalina this Sat. with a friend of mine Aldran. It looks like diving conditions are fair, and H2O temp going down.
Check the Dive Conditions at this site:Dive conditions

This past Friday night Aldran and I went diving in Laguna at Shaws Cove. The drive was not too bad, most likely due to the fact that we took the toll road. As we reached Laguna Sea Sports ( a nice dive shop in Laguna) which is owned by a friend of mine Gordon.
Well turns out Gordon and company are having the annual Chilli cook off so people were crawling all over the place with piping hot Chilli and stories to keep you laughing for hours. This party was a long one. We entered the water for our dive around 8:00 pm and returned to the shop after the dive and the revelers were watching the classic movie Sea Hunt. Good Times and great people.The Diving was amazing as well. We saw several Horn Sharks , and many Spanish Shawl (Flabellina iodinea) This made for an adventurous dive. Allong with many small other factors such as the fact that the bio-illuminesense was beyond explanation . I t could only be said that of the many dives at Shaws Cove this was a good one. Well that will do it I'm out.

Monday, October 03, 2005

What is under your back seat?

Turns out my digital camera was under a backseat for nearly a month. The camera was somehow inserted under the seat during a mad dash return from a Time Trial out in Lancaster, CA. I thought it was lost for sure. I was searching the internet for a good deal on a camera when my friend Eddy told me his brother had found it under the seat. Good times are here again.

LLU kicking my butt!

For the past three months my fellow PMPT students have been slugging away at school. However the bomb was finally dropped this past week.
With the beginning of a new quarter we have been introduced (quite politely i may add) to a real schedule of classes. We suffer from a load of 23 units. The number sounds so bland. Lets add a few course names to spice things up a bit. Physiology, Histology, Orthopaedics, and Neural Anatomy to name a few. You can feel the blood pressure rise with every hour of lecture that passes. I can hardly wait for next quarter.

Lowering The Stress.
Stress release can be difficult when your time is limited. Getting outside works well for me so if I am not out riding my bike or diving I begin to feel bit twitchy. Some times you need a good road trip.
Planning a trip soon...