Sunday, January 29, 2006


How do you like them Apples?

"The trip to Ana Capa Island" Part 1

It was a trip to remember all the squad was there. The Aldrin, Dump Valve, RX, SuperFly. We rolled out at about seven PM. Stopping briefly at Del Taco to fuel up on some Tacos and of course a few orders of fries. After telling the High School tale of how the Superfly dropped a 35' redwood in front of the dorm. We assembled back in the car for the drive to Ventura where we would board our ship the "Spectre". She is a grand vessel at 85' long with a 19' beam she sports a hot tub on the back deck and several BBQ's on the bow. We arrived at just after 10 pm and boarded the spectre. It was a clear night and the star were out in full force. We noted that not many brave souls had arrived yet and we secured our gear. The Aldrin went below to locate bunks. We assembled our gear and went below to get a head start on some solid sleep. Upon awaking in the am we found that we were not alone anymore. The galley was half full and many people were on the aft deck pull out gear from large bags they had brought on board.
We powered up and headed out to sea. Ana Capa Island was the destination for the trip. The seas were a bit rough on the way out. Mid-Channel the swells died down a bit yet you could see it might pick up at any moment. The next thing you know we were suited up and ready to plunge off the side of the boat into the icy waters. The word Plunge is a literal term for this boats sports a hefty six foot drop from the gate to the water. You have just enough time to think hmmm... I hope I turned on my air... before you hit the water. Dive one we saw many creatures and several fish... (I think many of the fish had the weekend off) . Well, as soon as I get back on the boat I take my gear off and I hear the words..."WHALE", "theres a whale off the port side".
Well, I wanted to jump back in to swim with the big beast of the sea, yet time would not allow for it... To Be Part 2

Thursday, January 05, 2006

"Kicking OFF the New Year"

Well Friends It has been a long time since I updated the old Blog so I will apologize now and get on with the writing. I turns out that the New Year was kicked off by many hundreds of millions of people world wide this year. During their wild excitement I may have turned over on the couch to ease the pain in my neck. Yep that's correct. I was out cold on the couch. Never even saw the Big Apple. It was over for me at about oh..... 10:30pm. Woke up at 12:30Am to my neighbors yelling and screaming, but as for myself. I kicked it off with a bit of sleep. Nice Job eh.. Well any way you slice it the year is off and rolling now and it is time to try and catch up. Classes at LLU started on Tuesday this past week and we have been loving the full days of lecture. Oh yeah... Talk about catching up on your sleep. Plenty of tired people lounging around the classroom catching up on a lot of much needed sleep. It turns out that yours truly survived last quarter’s finals week with out too much grief. I mean hey, if you fail an exam and you still get a B+ in the class. Who's going to complain about that? I have some new topics this month to add to the blog so pop in once in a while check them out. It should be funny. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and safe travels to and from your destinations. Rich